World BC Setups CEE Export Show Room In Oman


According to final negotiations made in Sultnate of Oman, World Business Council is going to set up its first Central and Eastern Europe Brands show room in City of Muscat. Above image is a demonstration of an Export Show room. 

An export showroom is a large space used to display products of a brand in the country of Oman all year long. This show room at its first phase is planned to work on the following categories:

  1. Beverage
  2. Organic Foods
  3. Health and Nutrition
  4. Beauty and Personal Care
  5. Special Dietary

Credibility and Trust

Having your products available in the Middle East Market, helps your brand reputation and makes your company more credible in export markets

Local product demonstrations

an exhibition that is ongoing all year round. In our locations you can have your physical products visibly displayed and available to be tested and reviewed by visitors.

Presentation in Local Language

In the export showroom your product or solution is presented to visitors in their own native language. This is extremely important and makes things so much easier and faster to move ahead with buyers and resellers in the international markets.

What Else?

Quality meetings

Our local team will generate qualified leads and arrange meetings with potential customers and business partners.

Themed events and meeting services

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Find Investors

We have setup multiple businesses and made millions of Euro of Joint venture or investment projects.

To register your products in our show room, you can contact us.

Also we have other services in Middle east market

Check if your products are suitable for Middle East Market

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What are the services of World BC in Middle East?

  • Strategy and Sale 
  • Cross Border Investment 
  • M&A Research
  • Market Analysis
  • Company and Branch Setup
  • Match finding 

In which Countries do World BC work?

We are based in Oman, Qatar and Iran and also we work through our partners in the markets of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Turkey. 

We are based in Warsaw, and have close ties, through our network of partners in the market of CEE. we help the Middle Eastern Investors, to find the best products for trades, the most reliable partners for their projects and the best projects for their investments. 

How much does it cost for the companies to be in the Showroom?

Depending on the product number and brands it differs, the listing fee for each company is 1000 Euro, in which up to 5 products can be listed, and for any other products 100 Euro will be charged. 

For which services is this money paid?

In Oman ShowRoom, our staff will offer your products to interested investors and clients. Our Group will be helping you in match finding, in addition, we help you to be available in the market. 

Why you selected Oman?

Oman is the second largest state in the Arabian peninsula and is a founding member of the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC). 

Oman offers political stability, physical security, and a predictable investment climate. Respect for free markets, property rights, and rule of law is wide spread. Oman has a strategic location outside the Strait of Hormuz and is at the crossroads of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Oman can be a Hub for CEE companies to access the mentioned countries. 

How can I know more about the market of Middle East and opportunities which are available there?

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