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Iman Najafi is the CEO of the World Business Council and Founder of the Apastrof Investment Banking Platform. He is a graduate of Petroleum and Energy Engineering, from Sharif University of Technology and Texas A&M University. He also has a considerable academic background at the MSc level in Investment and banking from Warsaw. Since 2012, he was involved with multiple international projects mostly in the Middle East and Central and Eastern Europe. At the moment, in early 2020, World Business Coucnil is active in more than 7 countries in the world.

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Effects of COVID 19 Pandemic on the Energy Market Part 1: Oil and Gas Sector

Since the first case reported in China COVID 19 Pandemic, has affected the energy market in different ways. In this study, we focus on the oil and gas sector, as according to the American Geo Science institute,  the oil and gas industry constitutes 31.8% and 28% of the energy sources consumed in the United States respectively, which together form around 60% of the energy sources consumption

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